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After Care

Now that you have trusted Eternal Art Tattoo to permanently decorate your skin, please allow us to advise you in the proper way of healing it.

  • Leave tattoo bandaged for 3 to 4 hours.

  • Remove bandage and wash tattoo thoroughly with mild soap and water. Lather with soap and rinse again and again until all excess blood is gone and tattoo does not feel slimy

  • Gently pat dry and WITH CLEAN HANDS apply a THIN coat of non-scented lotion or ointment to tattoo. We recommend After Inked, Curel, Nivea, Eucerin, Cetaphil, or Lubriderm.

    Do NOT use petroleum based ointments such as Vasoline, A&D, Neosporin, Tattoo Goo, or Bacitracin.

    In order to properly heal, your new tattoo must breathe. Oily or petroleum based products will smother the tattoo and prevent proper healing. Lotions will absorb into the skin and allow the tattoo to stay soft but still be able to breathe and heal.

  • DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS. You trusted us to tattoo you; we are trusting you to do your part and take care of our hard work properly.

    The first day or two, your fresh tattoo may weep a little ink while you sleep so be sure to wear something that you can tolerate getting stained.

  • Apply Lotion several times a day as needed to prevent tattoo from becoming too dry and scabbing. This does not mean cake lotion all over your tattoo!

    The less you mess with it, the quicker it will heal, but every 3 or 4 hours you can WASH YOUR HANDS and apply a thin coat to the new tattoo.

  • Wash tattoo daily, but DO NOT SOAK tattoo. Always apply lotion with clean hands after washing. This means showers are ok. Baths and swimming are NOT!

    Keep your new tattoo clean and soft and it should heal perfectly. Do not allow animals or others to touch your fresh tattoo. It is an open wound... Treat it as such.

    After a few days, your new tattoo will begin to peel and flake like a sunburn. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH at it! Continue to apply thin coats of lotion and let the flakes fall off on their own.

  • If your healing tattoo itches, you may gently pat or slap it... Just make sure your hands are CLEAN.

    Avoid direct sunlight while new tattoo is healing and use sunblock to keep colors from fading once its healed.

  • Once your tattoo is completely healed (usually 7 to 10 days) you can go about your life and make an appointment for your next one.