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About Us

Eternal Art Tattoo has proudly served the Santa Clarita Valley since 1995. We provide all styles of tattooing in a clean and comfortable environment. All of our artists are licensed and registered with the Los Angeles County...   Learn More About About Us


 No matter where you're coming from, we can help get you here!   Learn More About Directions

What To Expect

 So, you've made the decision to get your first tattoo and you want to know what you should do to prepare and what you should expect. This is why we've written this article to help guide you through what you should ...   Learn More About What To Expect

First Visit FAQ

 Want to be prepared for your first tattoo experience? Here are answers to some common questions to get you started.   Learn More About First Visit FAQ

After Care

Now that you have trusted Eternal Art Tattoo to permanently decorate your skin, please allow us to advise you in the proper way of healing it.   Learn More About After Care